The Devils are 3 gods ; Diva, Misa, and Tina. Their parents are Hades and Persephone. The Devils rule in there own demention of Hell but grew up in Hades' Hell and are known well for their evil works. The devils in general are like any other god just doing what they love.

The devils have to be 1 of the easiest gods to contact and arrange a meeting with as they often work with non-gods.

The Devils unlike the other gods hold there own army of different races ranging from the living and dead. The people serving the devils are forever bound to this army and can be called to serve at anytime. In return, the person gains devil like powers.

Diva Misa and Tina though the leaders are the most unknown devils and gods. Strong devils have been noted all though out history but they are only noted down as devils when they leave there past life to take on a full role in Hell.