The Jones FamilyEdit

The Jones family notorious for artificial inteligence. Their creations were developed by Willimina and Ellimina, Willimina Jones is more commonly known as the head of the family. The Jones family have big affiliations with the Suzuki, Michels, Kangamine and Flin Family

The Suzuki FamilyEdit

Although this part of the Suzuki family are death gods, they are small part of the aristocratic Suzuki clan of the demon world. A particularly prosperous family when it comes to knowledge and wealth and are known to have a high influence over many nobles in the demon and other worlds.

The Michels FamilyEdit

The Kangamine FamilyEdit

The Flin FamilyEdit

The Grey FamilyEdit

The Love FamilyEdit

The Love family were the first Death god family to walk on land. They are commonly known for their extremely different personalities. Each one of them are skilled fighters and brilliant musicians. It is believed that they led the rebellion to against angels to fight for the rights of nimigamis and black angels. Although they had one many battles and fights leading the rebellion, as a reslut they were afterwards banished from the Angel world, and their own world. Though disheartened by their banishment from their own world, they concentrated on rebuilding their own lives and families. The Love family consist of Adam, Alan, Akana, Andrea, Anton, Akiha, Alonzo and Alison Love. The eight death gods were fathered and nurtured by The Olympian Eros (more commonly known as Cupid.

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