Death Gods are responsible for human after life and protecting human souls from being devoured by dark matter to keep the harmony of all super natural worlds in balance. Although they are not responsible for keeping humans naive to the other races and worlds around till a humans death. For this reason most Death Gods will fully support organisations such as Pandora. Like most other races fraternising with humans is illegal and Death God's which breaks will be repremanded however the nature of the punishment for this is unknown.

Death Gods that deal with the transition of souls to heaven or hell are usually from the military within the Death God world. As well as following old simple traditions of hard training, it takes more to work amongst and with the military and the protection of souls. Many death gods are required to be above a certain aptitude to be a clerical worker, feild worker or a healer. These three main positions are allocated to Death Gods which take an two examination testing their aptitude which is set by the military itself. The results of this particular examination determine which sector of work a Death God working in the military belongs to.

Unlike Demons and Vampires. Death Gods from the military are less likely to dwell in the Human world due to the fear of punishment if they are overly envolved in human activities. Besides this the strong sense of friendship between comrades is valued strongly with Death Gods within the militia so dwelling among other paranormal races is more advisable. However this does not stop many from settling in the Human World as it can be seen as a safe haven from fighting and raging wars.