Bailey Suzuki is the High Court Leader of The Death god world. She contributes to the politics which go on within the Death god world and help the Death god king and queen to maintain stability within the lands. She is also a noble woman of the demon world as a result marrying Akos Suzuki from the aristocratic Suzuki Clan.


Bailey Suzuki has straight glossy black hair in which she wears in a bob. Her eyes are an intense blood red and she is relatively tall. She does not fail to "dress to impress", usually wearing extremely sophisticated, elegant and high fashion clothing for work and even sometimes on casual occasions.

Although in her present state she subconciously enjoys portraying herself as someone from a blue-blooded background, this is not the case. When reminiscing in nostalgic memories Bailey is shown to be tanned with light brown long thick curly/wavey hair and dresses of a lower class background.


Bailey is shown in an extremely bubbly and kind-hearted manner. She is highly intelectual and wise however only shows this side of her if or when she needs to. Like her great great granddaughter Bunny Jones, Bailey has many informalities that contradict the job she does which makes her unique from most politicians and high ranking nobles from other worlds and her own. She shares an incredibly close bond with the Grim Reaper Li-lyn throughout the years as Li-lyn is the closest thing that Bailey has had to a sister bearing in mind that she was the youngest of her three brothers. As a result of this Bailey and Li-lyn had made sure that there friendship would always be strong throughout laughs, tears, disappointment and success.

Usually known for speaking her mind, Bailey stood out from the rest in earlier years when seeing the mistreatment of Black Angels and joins a campaign (started by The Loves) to fight for their rights. She is even more so known for not passing up a challenge or fight even if the challenge seems to be impossible or her opponent is far more powerful than her. Many including her husband would describe her as a hot head however her short temper and wild passion for what she believes in or for what may displease her is what usually amuses people.